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2003-12-11 The OpenTracker umbrella contains a new project: the creation of a full-fledged BeOS Locale Kit. The project aims to be compatible to existing translation efforts as much as possible but deliver an adequate solution for all (or almost all) localisation issues.
The Kit is currently in its planning and design stages, you can find a first draft of its headers in the CVS repository; the discussion is going on in the developer forum - we are very interested in input from native speakers of non "Western" languages (especially Asian languages).
This Kit is going to be used by the localized version of Tracker/Deskbar in the next release (which focusses on usability).
2003-08-18 Version 5.2.1 is out, fixing the broken disks icon regression. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Another note for R5 users who are experiencing hangs with OpenTracker - try to disable calls to the BIOS. You can do this in the BeOS boot menu, but also change it permanently in the kernel settings (have a look at this tip at
2003-08-17 Version 5.2.0 is out now! Get it from the downloads page. Install it by expanding the archive to your /boot/beos/system folder.
Note for R5 users: if BeOS hangs after a reboot (empty screen), you should return to the old Tracker by booting in safe-mode (press space during boot to access the boot menu).
2003-01-08 Major website update: Most of the contents of the main page has moved to the Info page, we now have a documentation section which will be filled over time, and a news archive.
It now also defines more and better fonts to look better with other browsers than NetPositive.
2002-10-21 We now have a new mailing list OpenTracker CVS Changes Log! Any changes to the repository will be monitored on this list, so make sure you are subscribed if you are doing OpenTracker development, or just want to know what's going on.
2001-12-21 Updated the mailing lists page
2001-10-21 BeMail is now in the repository - have a look at the sample-code directory. Feel free to update it, and don't forget to send me your changes.
2001-10-01 build process changed, look at the Getting Started Page for further information.
2001-09-21 Website recreated on SourceForge
2001-04-05 Updated the downloads page to include binary tools needed when building from source archives.
2000-06-22 Updated Coding guidelines.
2000-06-21 Fixed a problem where the daemon that uploads zips of freshly built binaries did not build from latest sources.
2000-05-13 Set up a daemon that updates the source zip files periodically.
2000-05-13 Updated the setup of the ReadOnly Perforce client. You can now use p4 edit to open files you change and have Perforce merge your changes with the tree. Setting up source control