OpenTracker Change Log

version 5.1.0

With the move to SourceForge, I introduced a new versioning scheme which starts at 5.1.0. This is basically the same version as the last version, plus:
  • the Deskbar doesn't lose any items in "Sort Running Applications" & "Tracker Always First" mode [Bruno G. Albuquerque]
  • fixed the context-menu crash, and missing drop targets [Rene Gollent]

version 5.1.5

  • changed the build process, so that Tracker is linked against, which results in a 65 kB Tracker executable [Axel Dörfler]
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the find panel to work (and lead Tracker to crash) in case the queries/default file could not been written [Axel Dörfler]
  • The info window now displays relative links with a relative path [Georges Edouard-Berenger]
  • relative links didn't work correctly in certain circumstances [Georges-Edouard Berenger]
  • Meta-A doesn't select all poses of a pose view anymore, if there is an active widget in it [Axel Dörfler]
  • Volume icons can now have an overlaying free space bar [Johan Nilsson, Axel Dörfler]
  • Selected icons on the Desktop are now updated correctly without "ShowSelectionWhenInactive" [Axel Dörfler]
  • Fixed a bug that visually deselected items after having dragged another item above them [Axel Dörfler]
  • The open windows at quit are now correctly recreated at next startup for every case [Axel Dörfler]
  • The volume icon's free space bar overlay now also appears on read-only NTFS and EXT2 devices [Brad Froehle]
  • Deskbar crashed after a click in the area between the BeOS menu and the team list; this affected only the Deskbar positions where there this area actually exist [Axel Dörfler]
  • Lots of smaller fixes from Be Inc. [added by Mathias Agopian]
  • Volumes reporting a capacity of zero could crash the new volume icon overlay code [Bruno G. Albuquerque]
  • The find panel does now sort MIME types according to their super types, furthermore it's now possible to search for these super types using the GUI [Axel Dörfler]
  • The Deskbar now also has a long Euro time format, some other minor changes [thomas fudel]
  • The placement of the time and date string in the Deskbar's TTimeView is now recalculated when the length of the strings changes [Shard]
  • There are now new Trash settings, you can delete files directly without moving them into the trash first [Shard,]
  • Fixed that the boot menu overlay was gone after certain actions (most obviously after changing the volume space overlay bar) [Axel Dörfler]