OpenTracker Release Notes

version 5.1.0

With the move to SourceForge, I introduced a new versioning scheme which starts at 5.1.0. This is basically the same version as the last version, plus:
  • the Deskbar doesn't lose any items in "Sort Running Applications" & "Tracker Always First" mode [Bruno G. Albuquerque]
  • fixed the context-menu crash, and missing drop targets [Rene Gollent]

version 5.1.5

  • Tracker now links against, so it's only 65 kB big
  • Transparent free space bar overlays for volume icons
  • The file types in the find panel are now easier to find
  • All open windows are now correctly recreated at next startup
  • Many other changes and bug fixes, see the change log for greater detail
The following people have contributed to this release of OpenTracker, in alphabetical order (this list doesn't include the contributors of any previous releases):
Mathias Agopian, Bruno G. Albuquerque, Georges Edouard-Berenger, Axel Dörfler, Brad Froehle, Johan Nilsson, Thomas Fudel, Shard