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About offers free, open-source versions of Tracker and Deskbar, the two applications that power the BeOS desktop.

Both applications were developed at Be Inc. and open sourced in early 2000.


Before proceeding, make sure you read and understand the License.

Downloading Tracker, Deskbar and binaries

Recent builds of Tracker, Deskbar and libtracker, built from the OpenTracker source tree can be downloaded from the downloads page. Note that you will find there only stable versions of the respective binaries, or at least versions that are meant to be stable.
To install, just expand the archive in your /boot/beos/system folder.
If you want the latest versions available (even if they may eat your hard disk), you have to download the sources and build from them.

Building your own copy of Tracker

The easiest way to build Tracker, Deskbar or, is to simply download the source, expand the archive, and build the binaries by typing 'make' in the opentracker directory. See more details on the "Getting Started" page
You may also choose to check out the source using the CVS source control. Setting up source control


To contribute your changes to Tracker or Deskbar, send changes to or use the Patches Tracker from SourceForge.
Make sure you follow the Coding guidelines, the patch creation checklist and all the other instructions to help get your contribution accepted and checked in.